SEO Boost Lab - About us

We are a team of passionately dedicated SEO experts. We created Small SEO Tools to contribute to a better Internet experience! 

Our Story

In 2020, we observed that premium quality SEO tools were not widely accessible, especially those available for free. This limitation hindered many marketers from optimizing their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts, particularly those on the lower end of the spectrum.

We embraced this challenge and swiftly took action. We registered, assembled a team of highly skilled developers, and collaborated with industry experts to start developing small yet impactful SEO tools.

Thus, Boost SEO Lab was established.

Today, Boost SEO Lab offers what is arguably the web’s largest collection of premium-quality SEO tools, all available for free.

Our Ideologies

At BSL, our ideologies set us apart. We believe in a better approach to marketing. Just as the best things in life are free, we believe that top-tier SEO tools should be freely accessible.

Our passion drives us to offer our tools and content at no cost.

Our mission is to provide exceptional SEO tools that rival, or even outperform, paid alternatives—completely free for everyone.

We focus on search engine optimization and content because they are the core of Internet marketing. With optimized content and SEO, traffic will increase, ultimately boosting sales.

SEO is inherently complex and challenging to implement. We see this as an opportunity to assist people by simplifying SEO through our tools, education, and community engagement.

How We’ve Grown

Since our inception, Boost SEO Lab has experienced significant growth both internally and externally. Here are some of our milestones:

Our Tools

We started with just three SEO tools and have expanded to over 120 high-quality SEO and content tools across more than 10 categories. This makes us one of the largest providers of SEO tools on the Internet today. Alongside the increase in quantity, the quality of our tools has also seen tremendous improvement.

Our Reach

Our tools are utilized by millions of people in over 100 countries worldwide.

Number of Users

Our user base has grown impressively since our inception, with millions of users across the globe.

Our User Base